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English & Planets
(Уранический английский)

A new #era begins … Does the space conform to the laws of nature (пространство закономерно) or is it a pure coincidence (совпадение)?

I love exploring #alchemy (алхимию) of life using the language of the planets.

When the planet Saturn passed the sign of #Aquarius, the following historical events occurred:

  • World War I
  • The Second World War
  • Collapse of the USSR
  • And this year … March-June 2020, the 20-year era of Lukashenko in Belarus was shaken.

Then ⚜Saturn – which in alchemy symbolizes lead /plambum (свинец) entered Capricorn and paralyzed the whole world, keeping it in quarantine,

and today It returns to Aquarius again, we fasten our belts …

The second rare important planetary phenomenon today is the conjunction (union) of Saturn and Jupiter:

20 years ago in 2000 with the same phenomenon (☄in my career sector) I entered the first university for diplomacy, 20 years later this year I am finishing offline, individual lessons and building my online projects (in my sector of work)…

#Saturn is a structure, construction, foundation, form, chronicler of time
(I am building a huge website).

#Jupiter means education, teaching, foreign languages, abroad, internet …
(I’ve developed and packaged 15 grammar video courses, 5 manuals and made up other creative projects).

They collide in Aquarius -a sign under #Uranus – a planet of innovation, new technologies, virtualization, revolution, equality, friendship, internet community etc.
Today we also have:

  • the #Winter#Solstice (зимнее Солнцестояние)
  • the Magical #Yule (Магический Йоль)
  • the #Sun passes #Capricorn – a real start of winter, the start of dark night of your #soul;
  • 21.12 -a mirror date

you can read about all these #initiations (посвящений) in the current Instagram stories and feel their atmosphere…

I dream to arrange public creative #virtual #lessons with different thematic atmospheres – one of them is planetary …

Such energies and changes are felt more strongly by people who are influenced by their #planetary #seal, for instance I have it on my #natal #Moon

If you are also experiencing big changes in your life and are not too lazy to write, share in what area you feel new tendencies.

So does the #space follow a natural law or is it all a pure coincidence??

#triumphhelen_astrologer #эраВодолея

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